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Zero Glare DES plus UV

Digital Eye Strain is when the eye focuses on small content for longer periods of time, at incorrect angles, and distances in lighting conditions that are not ideal.  

What is blue light?
Blue light is produced from digital devices which can cause discomfort and damage the retina. Not surprisingly, it’s increasing in nearly every Americans lifestyle because blue light is prevalent in devices that use LCD display like flat screen TV’s, smart phones, lap-tops and computers, tablets, and other digital devices.

Zero Scratches™

Zero Scratches is a unique technology that provides more scratch resistance than any other hard coating on the market.  Zero Scratches offers unrivaled adhesion and durability for exceptionally clear vision.  This is available on virtually all lens materials and lens designs. It is available with or with out AR.  Zero Scratches is automatically included in our Elite Zero Glare plus UV and Clear Zero Glare Coatings.

Click here to see the Zero Scratches Process.

Zero Scratches is so durable it can withstand steel wool!  P.O.G. can provide you a sample of a lens and piece of steel wool so you can see for yourself – also a great demonstrator for patients!
P.O.G. has marketing materials available for you to help promote Zero Scratches in your office.
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