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Progressive Designs

Eyecon progressive design series represents a unique and complete customizable group of designs.  With any design offered under the Eyecon name, the wearer is getting a unique lens calculated using Digital Ray-Path®, the innovative technology that improves the lens performance for any gaze direction.  

Eyecon designs offer natural and accurate vision for any prescription and frame.  Making a complete simulation of the real eye-lens model, each Eyecon lens is specially designed considering all parameters unique to each wearer.  This translates into a high added value product that provides wearers with natural and accurate vision.

PLUS:  Each Eyecon lens includes our Zero Glare Elite with our 1 Time No-Questions-Asked Remake!  

Eyecon Digital Free Form Lenses

Powered by Digital Ray-Path®

Great resolution thanks to Digital Ray-Path® Technology.  Digital Ray-Path® is an innovative calculation technology that uses a design engine to compensate the lens with a simulation of the binocular eye-lens system.  Every unique lens is individually calculated guaranteeing an adapted solution for any prescription and base curve.

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