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About Us

POG Labs is one of the few completely independent wholesale optical labs and also among the largest in the nation. An optician through his college years, Owner Mike Tamerius was drawn to the industry and had great ambition to improve industry standards for quality, turn time and price. His vision was clearly appreciated, as POG Labs has grown from 2 employees in 1992 to over 100 between two labs. Mike learned early on that if you do good work, treat people well and are reliable, customers will not only come, but they will stay.

But enough about us – Let’s talk about YOU.
Whether you are a lab or an ECP, you need to receive accurate, quality materials for YOUR customers, at a reasonable price point, with quick turn around. Most importantly, you don’t want to worry about it, you have your own business to focus on! That’s what we will do for you.


  • 2 Labs: Precision Optical in Creston, Iowa and Opticote in Franklin Park, Illinois

  • 1700: The minimum number of lenses we do per day

  • 100: Number of employees

  • 48: The number of states we have customers in

  • 4: Number of countries we have customers in, US, Canada, China and Aruba. We have customers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as well.

What They’re Saying

I am extremely happy with P.O.G. Labs. I want to pass along that they do a great job and I absolutly love the customer service reps! P.O.G. Labs always gets my jobs to me in a fast and timely manner

– Gary

I live on the east coast and the distance between my lab and P.O.G. Labs has never been an issue. In fact, they have a much faster turn-time than the local labs I have used in the past. As you can imagine, I have many lab options, but I am committed to P.O.G. Labs for the turn-time top-of-the-line quality anti-reflective coating and the professional and timely manner in which any issues are resolved. There is honestly no variation in the hue of the AR coated lenses I receive from them. If I have breakage in my lab, I know I can send only one lens and the color of the AR coating will match perfectly every time. I especially love their flesh-colored AR coating. “I would match P.O.G. Labs’ quality coating with anyone in the industry!”

– Charlie

“Basic Zero Glare plus UV and Elite Zero Glare UV plus AR are two of the best anti-reflective coatings we have ever used.”
-The one day turnaround delivery is extremely appreciated and very reliable.
-The rose color is almost unnoticeable compared to the greens and blues of other AR coatings, and the price points are very, very low for such high quality coatings.

– Woody

“P.O.G. Labs does a great job with EVERYTHING Starting with the Customer Service Team, everyone is so sweet, courteous, and helpful. The work I receive is great, and P.O.G. is able to get jobs back to us quickly even though they are in Iowa and we are in Texas. P.O.G.’s low prices have helped us run a small business/store with 5 employees, and retain a profit margin. I am a Rotarian and have wondered if the owners of P.O.G. Labs are fellow members because they would pass the “4 Way Test”: 1. Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

– Kathy

I am really impressed with the jobs that I have received from P.O.G. Labs.”
Namely, how thin my higher Rx’s have been, the quality of that Elite Clear Coating, and the fact that the frames are sent back in 4-point touch (or close to it). With other labs, I have had a couple of frames come back pretty mistreated, so I do appreciate the craftsmanship and respect with which my lenses are made and frames are treated.

– Ryan

P.O.G. Labs has provided excellent customer service to all of my 5 locations for the past 9 years.”
I have been very satisfied with their quality of work, and I love the low prices. Technology has changed so much over the years – now I can order at my convenience through P.O.G.’s online ordering system.

– Sergio

Time is an important aspect of any business. P.O.G. Labs helps me stay competitive by providing excellent turnaround time. I call them with my orders in the morning, and the jobs are delivered to me the next day via UPS.
“My patients are so happy; they have really helped my business grow.”

– Jeff

I have used P.O.G. Labs exclusively for the past 12 years.
I have found their Customer Service team to be friendly and knowledgeable. They really make me feel like they care about me!

– Jeff

I have always recommended anti-reflective coatings to my patients.
“When P.O.G. Labs added their in-house AR facility, I knew it would be a huge benefit to me.”
My jobs are not sent out to have the AR put on the lenses, it’s all done right there at incredibly low prices. My customers are happy, which makes me happy.

– Dr. Bloom

I have been with P.O.G. Labs for years. My previous lab went out of business, so I decided to give P.O.G. a try. Everything has worked out wonderfully! I can’t say enough about everyone I’ve dealt with there. P.O.G.’s work looks great, and they offer an array of products from eyeglass cases to lab supplies.
been a big time saver for me to get everything I need, all at one place.”

– Carol

Call us at 1-800-497-9239 or you can email us at info@precopt.com