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Shipping Labels

To Print A Label To Send Your Work To Us Click The Link Below:

How To Instructions:

Simply enter your information, click “Submit”, and then print out a return service label.

To print additional labels, click “Enter Information for another Label”, your information will stay there, click “submit” and print another label.

Each label will have a different tracking number. Do not print multiple labels with the same tracking number, your package will not be trackable, and a charge will be applied. These are 2nd Day UPS labels used to send us your frames for complete jobs.

Please be advised, you must send 2 or more jobs when using these labels, or a fee of $7.50 will be applied to your account. These are not intended to send back credits to POG, please use our regular mail labels.
Keep in mind, P.O.G. Labs pays for shipping when you ship two or more jobs per box!

You may use our USPS prepaid mail labels to return lenses for credit or less than two new orders.

Great article in the Feb. 2015 VCPN. Our very own Mike Tamerius is quoted!
Check it out!