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Quality Assurance Plan

P.O.G. Labs is committed to producing error-free workmanship. In order to produce the highest quality products we have developed a system of check points that will ensure that when the end product reaches our customers door, it will conform to all of the standards set forth in the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) section Z-80.1.

Order Placement

Phone Orders – Any verbal order must be read back completely to the customer to ensure accuracy. Any portion of the order that isn’t easily understood should be explained in detail in the comment section of the order form.
Fax Orders – All orders that are placed by facsimile will be double checked by the tray up area before being placed into the system. Any questionable areas will be forwarded to Customer Service for follow up.
Electronic Orders – Electronic orders will be double checked for errors. Any omitted information or questions will be forwarded to Customer Service for follow up.

*It is the responsibility of the Customer Service Department to ensure that all orders placed with P.O.G. Labs are complete before being placed into production. If the customer elects to omit information needed for the process, that must be noted on the order form along with the name of the person allowing the order to be continued.


P.O.G. Labs use a color coding system of trays to quickly identify the material of the lenses to be processed.

Yellow – Uncut CR39, 1.56 Index, and below
Teal – All Trivex/Trilogy
Red – Uncut Polycarbonate, 1.60 Index and above
Orange – Stock orders (IE) frames, finished lenses
White – Finished CR39, 1.56 Index, Polycarbonate, 1.60, 1.66, and 1.67
Blue – All Glass

The tray-up personnel will review the order to ensure that customer service has signed off on the order. The tray color will be selected and the order will be placed into production.

Data Entry

All orders placed with P.O.G. Labs will end up going through data entry so it is critical that at data entry, the orders are checked for completeness before they are entered into the computer system.

If an order is found to have missing information, Data Entry will log the order information i.e. tray, account on the Rejected to Customer Service Report, and return the tray to the Customer Service Manager.

Data Entry is a critical step in ensuring a quality product. The end product is only as good as the information we use to process the order.

Lens Selection

When an order is ready for Lens Selection, the first step is to double check the Data Entry paper work (work ticket) to ensure that the information matches the original order.

Any errors need to be reported to the Data Entry Department manager and logged on the Data Entry Error Report. Selecting the correct lenses is critical to making a quality product. If for any reason you find that the order doesn’t look right, reject it to the Lab Manager.

Lens Pick Verification

P.O.G. Labs use a bar-code reader to scan the lenses that have been selected for every order that is placed with us.

Optical Management Information Control Systems (OMICS) software verifies that the lenses selected are correct for the order. If the lenses are found to be incorrect, they will be returned to Data Entry and the order information will be logged on the Returned to Data Entry Report.

Pre-Generating Prism Check

After the lenses are blocked up, we have a station that all jobs must pass through to ensure that no unwanted prism has been blocked into the lenses. The tolerance table below will be used on all orders:

Blank Size
65mm – below .015mm
72mm – below .020mm
79mm – below .024mm
85mm – below .030mm

If a lens is found to be out of tolerance the blocker number and job number will be recorded on the Returned to Blockers Report.

Post-Generating Thickness Check

The Post Generating Thickness Check will be done randomly on 35% of the jobs based on the job count from the previous day. To ensure a random selection the report will be broken down into 1 hour blocks. The tolerance for center thickness off the generators will be +/- .02mm. Any job found to be out of tolerance will be noted on the Post Generating Thickness Report and returned to the lens pullers for remake.

Finish Room

When an order is forwarded to the finish room, it is the responsibility of the Finish Blocker to double check that the correct frame is with the order and that all of the measurements are correct. If it is found that the information isn’t accurate, the order is logged on the Returned to Customer Service Report and sent to the Customer Service Manager.

Final Inspection

The order is now ready for Final Inspection. As stated earlier, we will strictly follow the ANSI Z-80.1 standards. All orders will be scanned by the inspector doing the final check.

Every order will be checked for the following:

  • Frame Alignment
  • Coatings
  • Bevel
  • Chips, Cracks, and Scratches
  • Edge Polish
  • Drill Hole Alignment
  • Power, Axis, and Prism
  • Optical Center Placement
  • Equal Thin Prism (Progressives & Exec. Style)
  • Overall Appearance
  • Clean
  • Re-marked for progressives

Any job found not to comply will be logged on the Final Inspection Report and returned to the Lens Pullers for remaking.

Pre-Shipping Errors Check

The final check will follow Final Inspection prior to being checked into the mail room for shipping. The inspector will review the original customer order to ensure nothing has been omitted from the order. If an error is found, the job will be brought to the attention of the Lab Manager who will log the job on the Job Failure Report.

Quality Assurance Reports

  1. Rejected to Customer Service Report
  2. Returned to Data Entry Report
  3. Data Entry Error Report
  4. Returned to Blockers Report
  5. Post Generating Thickness Report
  6. Wash Up Inspection Report
  7. Final Inspection Report
  8. Returned to Customer Service Report
  9. Job Failure Report
  10. Random Audit Reports
  11. Returns Daily Report

Random Audit Reports

To ensure that all of the inspections are meeting P.O.G. Labs’ standards, the Lab Manager will conduct random quality inspections on work being produced. Each day 5% of jobs being completed will be analyzed to ensure the highest quality. If a job is found to not meet standards, everyone who has signed off on the job will be asked to re-evaluate the order and determine at what point the error was made. This report will be used to evaluate employee performance.

Returns Daily Report

P.O.G. Labs prides ourselves in producing error-free work.
We do everything we can to minimize incorrect orders. If an order has been received incorrectly by an account, it will be logged on the Returns Daily Report. This report is given directly to the Plant Manager and is included in the weekly managers staff meeting.

P.O.G. Labs Quality Assurance Program is a working document that, at time, will need to be modified to meet current demands. It is the responsibility of every employee to understand the program and their portion of it.

Quality of the products we manufacture directly reflect the commitment we have to our Quality Assurance Program. It is our goal that every employee has the same commitment.